For Employers

Helping You Find the Best Talent

Granite Mountain Recruiting is devoted to representing the best and brightest of talents that are peaking in their prospective careers and striving for advancements in the target markets we represent. Our scientific knowledge and industry expertise allow us the ability to identify and target the specific candidate to fill your open positions.

Candidate Search

Candidates will be searched according to the specifications outlined by our client and described through details provided in a job description.

Comprehensive Research

Using a variety of resources, we will begin research to determine top candidates for the desired position.

Results Consulting

Comprehensive search results will yield a client that best represents the details of the position, as well as the role and culture of the organization.

Detailed Reporting

An all-inclusive report will be presented detailing career history, compensation specifications, and all other vital information.


Granite Mountain Recruiting was founded as a way to continue contributing my skills and knowledge earned after a 20-year Biotechnology career; a career that allowed me to see the growth of science and technology in leaps and bounds.